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Magitus University Handbook

Post by TheGriffin on Mon May 11, 2009 1:07 am

//Student Handbook//

Hello, and welcome to Magitus University…
There are some rules which must be obeyed at all times on school campus, don’t spend too long remembering these, they will be repeated at your first floor meeting.

The Rules of the University:
- Students must carry a magical weapon on their person at all times, unless an exception has been granted in written form.
- Students must take a minimum of one weapons class (unless excused), one laboratory class and two other classes in the first year.
- Students must sort out their eating arrangements, including special requirements, with their FA; these can not be changed after the first two weeks.
- Students may not stray from the lit paths after sundown.
- Students may not visit another dorm after sundown…

The Rules of the RP:
- There is no rule against swearing, try to not force me to make one
- This is collage, but while romance is fine, no sex scenes
- If I don’t agree with something such as a character sheet ect, accept ‘no’
- Multiple characters are highly encouraged
- 3rd person if possible
- Common sense…

If you require any help, talk to your FA, a floor meeting will be held on the first night for new students…

Student roster:
Please fill out the following form and send it to the school before attending; thank you

Full name:
Picture of self: (Highly optional, not really important)
Major subject: (This may be a magical subject but almost anything is fair game, literature, history, combat, acting, just keep it reasonable, there would have to be classes for it, after all.)
Anything else: (I'm sure you're an interesting person, right?)
Race: (anything half-sensible, really half-ogres, mermaids, goblins, kobolds, cat-people, fox-people, free golems , snake people, half-demons, sylphs, vampires, were-wolves, saturs, fauns, half-elves, elves, dwarves, half-dwarves, part-dragons and centaurs would all be fine, along with just about any crossbread of the above or something I forgot, don't hold back!)

This form will not be publically released, we assure privacy to all students.
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